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I have taken my brokerage from only closing 60 units to closing well over 500 transactions. So I’ve taken all the knowledge, content, and systems I acquired to build a successful brokerage and developed a comprehensive program for other broker/owners who struggle with growth, systems, and structure in their own business.

With lots of my own trial and error(s), let me help keep you from experiencing the “hard knocks” of scaling your business. Instead, put your business on the fast track to growth and success. I can save you countless hours of needless work; training, creating programs, setup, failures, etc. Imagine the stress and time you can now focus on doing what you love.

Automate & Eliminate Data Entry2022-08-02T17:39:52+00:00

What would it be like if you were working on your business and not in your business? Let technology work for you so you can become extremely efficient with everything streamlined and organized. Your life is about to be much easier, saving you time, money, and Tylenol. Maybe you’ll even be able to take a vacation!

Build & Improve Culture2022-08-17T19:36:09+00:00

Provide tremendous value to your agents and staff. How you communicate, celebrate, train, and organize your business, is about to be shifted. So – not only will you increase performance, but it will also cultivate a healthier culture. Without these systems in place, will you be able to scale your business like you want? 

Increase (NET) Profits2022-08-17T19:37:23+00:00

Numbers are boring – unless you want to talk about the GCI, right? Are you currently just looking at your bank account to see if you have money in there? To make an informed decision, you must know what you have. Before you can grow, you have to know! 

  • If you don’t measure it, how will you master it?
  • If you don’t master it, how will you scale it?
  • If you don’t scale it, how will you sell it?
  • If you want to sell it, you must start by measuring it.
Recruit Productive Agents2022-08-17T19:37:56+00:00

Recruit, recruit, recruit or are you retreat, retreat, retreat? Have no clue on how or even where to start – maybe even a little scared (that’s okay – I was too). Adding more agents to your company is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase your income. Which type of agent are you after – what does your “golden” agent look like? Together we will master a plan and shift your mindset from winning listings to now winning agents too. 

Streamline Onboarding2022-08-17T19:38:25+00:00

You recruited an agent – now what!?! You must have a flawless onboarding process. If you don’t, this could be the most significant mistake for you and the recruit. The onboarding process is one of the most crucial and delicate times for you as a Broker. You talked the talk, and now it’s time to show them that you can walk the walk. Can you shift your attention away from your production to successfully onboard agents one by one? Which are you willing to sacrifice, production or agents? How many opportunities are you willing to lose out on? 


Are you willing to invest in yourself?

But how much longer can you afford to operate this way?

And does price matter if the annual profit increase is even more?

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Just like in real estate there are no two transactions that are ever the same – same thing applies to your customized action plan. This investment ensures your continued success, opening more avenues for growing your company, creating a more balanced life, and… really whatever you want.

This isn’t about price this is all about if you are willing to invest in yourself and the growth of your company. Are you willing to invest in yourself and the growth of your company? Ask yourself – How much longer can you afford to continue to operate like you are right now? What about your sanity and peace of mind?

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Meet Steven

I built this program because there was no “how to” book on going from a high-producing agent to a Broker/Owner running and growing their brokerage. I thought being a Broker/Owner should’ve come with more of a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle than I was experiencing. I then started seeing others struggling as well, so I wanted to be the solution and help.

I started coaching my agents (up or out) of my company, my attention shifted to committed producing agents, and I started expecting a higher standard from my agents. Then I focused on providing them with ample resources, training, and support, which has allowed me to maintain boundaries for my work/life balance. Now, I have the plug-and-play solution that I can now share all of this with other Broker/Owners like you.

– Steven L. Burch

“Hiring Steven was a great business decision.  It was worth it, hands down.”

– Brandi Phillips

“Steven’s got some amazing out-of-the-box ideas that I’m positive will pay off for us.”

– Ashley Fredrick

“We would’ve just floundered for years figuring out the things that he has in his program.”

– Nick Flerlage

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